I am a multi-media artist and humanitarian specializing in everything creative.

My art and writings intend to motivate, inspire, and encourage everyone to creatively discover their true and unique purpose. I have dedicated my life to teaching the wounded how to not only survive, but to thrive despite any of life's tragedies.

As a young girl, I did not have much by way of things I could create with. The daughter of an obsessive compulsive adopted mother, her need for cleanliness always outweighed the inevitable clutter and mess that would come with any creative activity. Things like coloring, construction paper, glue sticks, and glitter were luxuries other children could indulge in.

My stubborn spirit to create regardless of my mother's strict rules would be my saving grace. Collecting what I could and creating dolls out of toilet paper helped to distract me from her volatility and provided an escape from the harsh reality that was my childhood.

Desperate for color to match the imaginary world I wanted to create for my toilet paper dolls, I secretly collected anything that might work to bring my fantasy to life. Nothing was too meaningless. Used candy wrappers, twist ties from garbage bags, and paperclips would be vital to the creation of many toilet paper people tribes and the landscapes they would live in.
I firmly believe that I would not have survived my childhood
had I not found a creative outlet for my pain.
Lifetimes later, I documented the events of my childhood in my book, "Toilet Paper People." It wasn't until I re-visited those painful memories, that I noticed a correlation between my current creative process and the process I had utilized as a child. To this day, there is still NOTHING too small or too invaluable for my consideration. The seemingly random things I collect are artifacts that don't need to make sense to me in the moment. I have learned to have faith that the reason will come in its own time. My compulsion to catalog the various objects I collect, the pictures I take, and the moments I am lucky enough to capture, is the most important part of my process as an artist.  When the time feels right, these components meld together in the most necessary of ways. Divorcing myself from the outcome of these unions took some time and a whole lot of patience.
It is my goal as an artist to properly reflect the beauty of life's randomness. On a rainy and desolate day, beauty can be found in a mud puddle. Gorgeous colors, textures, and creatures can be found in a backyard full of weeds. Believing that ANYTHING is possible ANYWHERE, is life's biggest blessing. It is also the reason my creative expression is what continues to save my life.
My collection of fine art has been showcased at RAW Nashville's Signature Event and offered for auction at various Young Arts Patrons, You Have the Power, and other charitable events that serve young adults who believe in the healing powers of the creative arts. A humanitarian at my core, I have been honored to speak as a guest on Writestream Radio, FOX News, Soul Food Books, as well as other media outlets that share my commitment to the general public.




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