CHERRY TIGRIS is a multi-media artist and humanitarian specializing in visual and performing arts.
While working on multi-media projects and art designed to motivate and inspire,
she encourages the general public to creatively discover their true and unique purpose.
Affectionately known as an anti-diva, her audience can say one thing for sure, "It is virtually impossible to ignore the gigantic heart Cherry Tigris generously and unabashedly wears on her sleeve.” Not one to mince words, Cherry Tigris isn't afraid to fight for those not strong enough to have a voice. A published author and advocate for child abuse survivors, Cherry Tigris has been asked to speak nationally about her first book, "Toilet Paper People," and has been commissioned to write the true stories of others who have experienced the cruelty some of mankind has to offer.
Committed to healing others with her art, music, and writings, she has dedicated her life to teaching the wounded not only to survive, but to thrive... despite any of life's tragedies. Her collection of fine art has been showcased at RAW Nashville's Signature Event, various Young Arts Patrons, You Have the Power, and other charitable events that serve young adults who seek careers and/or healing in the creative arts.
A humanitarian at her core, Cherry Tigris has been honored to speak as a guest on Writestream Radio, FOX News, Soul Food Books, as well as other media outlets that share her commitment to the general public.
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